Phoenix Animation studio is a prominent motion picture production company that boasts two state-of-the-art studios and production facilities.

With a talented in-house team of 150 professionals specializing in various animation styles and visual effects (VFX), the company covers all aspects of the animation production process, showcasing its versatility and expertise in the industry.

Phoenix Animation studio offers a wide range of services across different stages of the pipeline, With a comprehensive approach to animation production. From concept development and pre-production to animation, post-production, and VFX, the company ensures a seamless and efficient workflow. This integrated approach allows them to maintain creative control over their projects while delivering high-quality content.

Phoenix animation studio talents

One of the key strengths of Phoenix Animation studio lies in its capacity of its production facilities to harness the talents of freelancers from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. By tapping into this vast pool of skilled professionals, the company can rapidly expand its production capabilities, facilitating large-scale projects and meeting tight deadlines. Additionally, this approach potentially reduces costs, making them more competitive in the market.

production facilities
Ice lovers gang, penguins of the "City of Wishes"
Ice lovers gang, penguins of the “City of Wishes

A testament to Phoenix Animation’s prowess is the quality and success of their animated movie “3 Little Kungpoo Goats“. This film’s quality and impact demonstrate the company’s ability to compete with larger studios, proving their capability to deliver top-notch productions that captivate audiences and garner acclaim.

3 Little Kungpoo Goats poster
3 Little Kungpoo Goats with their father and mother in one shot

Beyond their impressive filmography, Phoenix Animation prides itself on providing top-quality services and products. Whether catering to major film studios or independent projects, the company upholds a commitment to excellence, resulting in a diverse portfolio of successful ventures across various genres and styles, like Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, True , Bolo fest, Dumper and Skoop , and…which some of them streamed and distributed by Disney, Disney+, Netflix.

Nora muscled girl arm wrestling with a skinny boy
Nora Cesair muscled girl arm wrestling

Sapotis character of lady bug.

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Phoenix Animation stands out as a formidable force in the motion picture industry. With two well-equipped studios and a skilled in-house team, they cover every aspect of animation production, offering a comprehensive and streamlined process. By leveraging the talent of freelancers from the MENA region, they can tackle ambitious projects and maintain a competitive edge. Their success with “3 Little Kungpoo Goats” showcases their ability to rival studio-level productions, solidifying their position as a leading animation company. With their dedication to quality service and products, Phoenix Animation continues to deliver exceptional content and is poised for further achievements in the dynamic world of animation and VFX.

animation studio crow
animation studio crow