Aurora, hot sherrif
Wishes sheriff
asteroid city
asteroid city and astronomer
Ice lover penguins
Ice lover penguins
King Abdullah Financial District KAFD and City Park

Phoenix university and King Abdullah Financial District KAFD
City Mall - Down town
Dubai Mall – Down town
 Al ula monuments
Al ula monuments
City center
china center
China city
China city
wizard lab
wizard lab
 City Museum
New York city
New York china town
Dead city
Ice cave
city university wizard cave
wizard cave
City Bank
world Bank


    The captivating story revolves around the adventures of Ario, an eight-year-old boy who hails from a poor family and has recently lost his mother.

In an attempt to earn some money, Ario takes to the streets and showcases his talent for playing the violin. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he begins cleaning a jewelled ring that once belonged to his ancestors.

Unbeknownst to him, this act summons Hooha, a powerful jinni from the lamp because in fact the jewelled ring is a jinni lamp and is sensitive to rubbing and acts when get rubbed. Like every jinni of lamps, the mission of Hooha is to make Ario’s wishes come true and one of the Ario’s wishes is to relive his mother.

    Hooha, known as the mighty jinn of the lamp, possesses a tough and bad-tempered demeanor. He also happens to be the ex-husband of Aurora, a beautiful lady jinni and the sheriff of the world. Hooha harbours a deep desire to destroy the world of Wishes, a realm built upon the fulfillment of human wishes.

He believes it is his mission to release all jinnis from their lamps, liberating them from what he considers the “The oppressive job of fulfilling the silly wishes of humankind. Unfortunately, Hooha don’t mind to comprehend that destroying the world of wishes, would lead to the end of the world itself.

    Ario, driven by his inherent goodness and understanding of the consequences, is determined to stop Hooha from his destructive path. Simultaneously, Aurora, aware of Hooha’s dangerous intentions, shares Ario’s desire to prevent the impending catastrophe.

However, a complication arises—Aurora is duty-bound to uphold the law that strictly forbids humans from physically entering the world of wishes.

    As Ario embarks on his perilous journey, he must find a way to outsmart Hooha while navigating the boundaries between two distinct worlds and running from Aurora at the same time. Time is of the essence as he battles against the clock, powerful jinn, and the limitations imposed by their respective domains.

Ario’s courage and resilience are put to the test as he endeavors to save the world and prevent the destruction of both the magical realm and the physical world.

    Throughout the movie, audiences are captivated by the imaginative and immersive world of the Wishes—a realm where every granted wish from the physical world is fulfilled and brought to life. Within this parallel universe, a loyal, but old and very funny wizard genie exists, ready to build anything the inhabitants wish for, as long as it is imagined with clarity and ordered soulfully.

This surprising twist adds depth and wonder to the tale, highlighting the significance of dreams and desires in shaping the human experience.

    The fate of the world hinges on Ario’s ability to neutralize Hooha’s destructive ambitions and rally support from Aurora, and finally Hooha understands his mistake about the nature of wishes of the humankind. The story explores themes of friendship and the necessity of companionship, bravery, and the power of hope in the face of adversity, accepting mistakes and admitting them and trying to make amends.

 It invites audiences to contemplate the consequences of destroying a world built upon the realization of cherished aspirations and desires, leaving them pondering the profound impact such destruction would have on the human spirit.

The new “city of phoenix” to be the next theatrical release from Phoenix animation. After 3 Little Kungpoo Goats, a fantastic and breathtaking 3D animation, Phoenix is going to finalize the production of City of Wishes in the same quality level.

All the advancements done by human, all the inventions, every thing we have to make an easier life, was just a wish, an imagination and an idea. The great visionary entrepreneur and founder of Apple, has a vision about the smart phones, and now that wish is part of our physical world and nobody can imagine the world without IPHONE. These days everybody talks about AI, Chatgpt, ChatBot and how the AI is capturing every human job. Even 10 years ago, this huge things that is going on in AI industry, was a dream, a wish.

Anything you imagine, wish or want to have ،anything at all, shall be built in the
parallel world of Wishes before being granted to you in your physical

City Park
City Park

A world of wishes.
A world of granted great wishes.
A world where every granted wish in our big world is fulfilled and personified there.
Anything you imagine, wish or want to have ،anything at all, shall be built in the
parallel universe; the parallel world of “world of Wishes” before being granted to
you in your physical world.

in other word, you can expect to see Asteroid city, phoenix city, party city, garden city, food city cinema city, dead city, city park, city mall, city hall and city hull, city center, city bank and city university (phoenix university) or even New York city and Madison square, in city of wishes.
And the surprise is that:
Any of us has a very loyal genie there, a giant genie, who build anything we wish
soulfully with clear imagination in that parallel world, immediately and Right
after we order a clear Image of our wish.
So! Guess what would be happened if somebody destroy the “world of wishes”?

city of wishes sherrif Aurora.
sheriff Aurora
Hooha, Aurora crash
Almighty Hooha
city of wishes, head of archive
Prty City - Cinema City
Ario play violone
city bank and city hall owner
Wizard design
Vice City
King Abdullah Financial District KAFD and City Park
King Abdullah Financial District KAFD

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