We Don’t Make Animation,

We Make Animation Better.

Ice lovers, Penguins

Who We Are, The magic of Phoenix!

Phoenix Animation is a Dubai city based motion picture production company With 27 years of experience in 3 branch office and 2 production studios and already made its ways toward international audiences and markets with title like Rostam and Sohrab, 3 Little Kungpoo Goats – world primer 2023, and more than 15000 minutes of animations production in different forms and techniques. Clicking on the video box in right hand side of this text will show that we were part of the production of some of the most successful animation movies and series, like Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, True , Bolo fest, Dumper and Skoop , and…which some of them streamed and distributed by Disney, Disney+, Netflix.

Nazbozi: mother of 3 Little Kungpoo Goats

Our Vision

Phoenix is the home of animation. WE DON’T MAKE ANIMATION. WE MAKE ANIMATION BETTER.

Our vision is to be a highly creative partner for CG features and deliver the world class quality animated pictures.

Our greatest strength is our incredibly talented team, able to deliver the projects with very high quality on agreed timeline and with reasonable cost level.

We created several IP’s and have several IP in pre-production and production. Our latest 90 m 3D feature film named ‘’3 Little Kungpoo Goats’’ finished in 2023 and ready for screen.

What do we do?

At Phoenix VFX Studios, we pride ourselves on being the go-to animated movie producers in Dubai. Our operations exist in these sub-categories: 

Our team:

Our greatest strength is our incredibly talented team, able to deliver the projects on time with the highest quality and at reasonable costs. Phoenix is a very cost-effective quality production studio in the MENA region.

Key Talents in our studio
About us, The magic of phoenixVoice actors crow of the 3 Little Kungpoo Goats
Voice actors crow of the 3 Little Kungpoo Goats
a water color presentation of the Gools family

Creative development

We take it upon ourselves to aid you in the creative realization of your films. We consider your target audience and art style to develop a thrilling storyline and concepts. We also draft captivating scripts that are sure to engage your audience. 

Every great film needs a cast to deliver it. We audition and manage the talent responsible for bringing your movies to life. Our casting methods are sure to find the right talent and account for unforeseen incidences.


Our excellent production team takes on illustrating, animating, filming, and rendering your films. Our detail-focused approach lets us pay keen attention to every aspect of your movies. Quality is the backbone of our work, and we aim to deliver every time.


We combine our expertise in post-production to polish your films for your audience. Our video and audio editing team and equipment work magic to finalize production.

Facilitation services

We takes care of various aspects of movie production. From budget to crew management, we place effort into making your films successful. Trust us to maintain a lively environment for you and any other party involved in production.

a silhouette of Micky mouse
Goldy, an spy human in the world of wishes

Why choose us?

We have made our mark in Dubai’s film landscape with an excellent track record of quality films. The dedication of our sought-after team delivers award-worthy movies that tell your story exactly as you would imagine it. 

We choose a collaborative approach that gives you directive control over your movies. We give you access to our large network of filmmakers, which gives you an inside look at how the business works. Additionally, you get to receive expert feedback on films.

Call to action

If you want to turn your concept into an animated reality, then we are who you need. Visit our film showcases to understand better what we can do for you. Check Phoenix news to get regular updates on our ever-expanding services, such as facilitation.

Contact US today and begin the journey of turning your vision into a work of art. Also you are very welcome to Dubai – Business bay, to visit us at our Dubai branch office.

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