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Just imagine any visual effects, we will VFX it.Our VFX talents, are best in the region and we already made some of the most complicated game changing projects.

Phoenix is Dubai’s leading studio with extensive experience in creating visuals effects and 3D animations for films, brands, and government entities. We are one of the best studios in Dubai specializing in cutting edge visual effect technologies and design principles executed with utmost perfection.

We have a team of expert creatives, designers, and visual effect specialists who work together to create stunning visuals effects with the highest standards of production quality. Whether you want effects for gaming, editing for corporate videos, or you want to create a unique video for your brand, our studio has got you covered.

If you want to turn your concept into an animated reality, then we are who you need. Visit our film showcases to understand better what we can do for you. Check Phoenix news to get regular updates on our ever-expanding services, such as facilitation.

Contact US today and begin the journey of turning your vision into a work of art. Also you are very welcome to Dubai – Business bay, to visit us at our Dubai branch office.

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RRR Visual effects productions
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Our Projects

ILK SEANS 2022 horror movie Turkey

RRR (Rise Roar Revolt) – 1

Stunning visual Effect for Immersive Visuals

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Phoenix experts understand the ins and outs of creating realistic visual effects. When it comes to creating immersive visuals from scratch, our quality of services is unparalleled. Phoenix takes pride in being Dubai’s top choice for visual effect and 3D animation needs. We offer a comprehensive set of services that cover everything from special effects to animation, compositing, and more. 

Why Choose Our Services?

Phoenix has a team of experience artists, supervisors, and project managers who work with you each step of the way to ensure that you get exactly the kind of visual effects that you want. Through our years of practical industry experience, we bring innovation and a higher standard of quality to every VFX project that we work on, for all industries in Dubai, UAE.

Our Services Include

Special Effects

We create stunning special effects for our clients while paying a great attention to minor details. Our VFX are accurate and robust capturing the true essence of the production design inspiration.

Digital Effects

We combine still photography and CGI to create remarkable digital effects for our clients. Our digital effects services include creating realistic environments and bringing concept designs to life.

3D Modelling

Our practical industry experience has enables us to handle challenges that come our way during 3D modelling. We can create complex 3D models in seamless way.

3D Animation

We use professional animation tools and best practices to create stunning 3D animations to be used on social media, TV, YouTube, and other channels as per client requirements.


Our compositing experts are adept at combining different visuals elements in a seamless way. We have extensive experience in rotoscoping, green screen, object removal, and object integration.


We have years of experience in creating high-end, realistic simulations for commercial usage. We utilize state of the art rendering and lighting techniques to create accurate simulations.

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Frequently asked questions

Visual Effects in 3D animation refer to the art and technology of enhancing or creating imagery that goes beyond what can be captured through conventional filming techniques. It involves the integration of computer-generated elements with live-action footage or entirely digital environments to produce stunning and often fantastical visuals that captivate audiences.

In 3D animation, Visual Effect artists use advanced software and techniques to create a wide range of visual elements, such as realistic explosions, dynamic particle effects, lifelike characters and creatures, magical spells, breathtaking environments, and much more. These elements are seamlessly blended into the footage or 3D scenes to make them appear as if they were part of the real world, even though they exist only in the digital realm.

Visual Effect play a pivotal role in modern film-making, allowing filmmakers to realize their creative visions by transcending the limitations of practical effects and physical sets. With Visual Effects, filmmakers can construct entire worlds, bring mythical creatures to life, simulate natural phenomena, and achieve extraordinary feats that would be impossible or too costly to achieve through traditional means.

In summary, Visual Effect in 3D animation empowers artists and filmmakers to craft awe-inspiring visuals that transport audiences to new realms of imagination and storytelling. It has revolutionized the film industry and become an integral part of creating modern cinematic experiences, enriching narratives, and pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling to new heights.

The 3 main types of VFX include CGI, compositing, and motion capture.

The cost of a VFX project depends on the time and effort that goes into make the visual effects for the said project.

VFX studios provide visual effect design services to their clients.