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7 Knights Idle Adventure: A New Mobile Game by Netmarble!

7 Knights Idle Adventure: A Thrilling New Netmarble Release Takes the Flagship Franchise to New Heights


Netmarble, the renowned mobile game developer, has once again captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with the much-anticipated release of “Seven Knights Idle Adventure“. This new online mobile game serves as the successor to the original Seven Knights and has been reimagined as an idle RPG designed specifically for mobile platforms. Packed with over 130 Seven Knights heroes, 25 pets, and 170 hero costumes, players are offered a thrilling and immersive adventure like never before. To celebrate the Early Access launch, Netmarble has treated fans to an exciting trailer on YouTube, giving a glimpse into the captivating gameplay that awaits them.

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The Successor to a Legendary Franchise

“Seven Knights Idle Adventure” represents the next chapter in the celebrated Seven Knights franchise. Building on the immense success of the original game, Netmarble has creatively transformed the gameplay to cater to a broader audience of mobile gamers while retaining the core elements that made the franchise so beloved.

The shift from a traditional RPG to an idle RPG format allows players to delve into the enchanting world of Ladenberg and continue their heroic journey, even during idle moments. This unique approach opens up new opportunities for fans of the franchise and mobile gamers alike, making it an engaging and accessible experience for all.

Immerse Yourself in an Expansive World

The heart of “Seven Knights Idle Adventure” lies in the vast array of characters available to players. With over 130 Seven Knights heroes, each equipped with distinct abilities and powers, players can create diverse and powerful squads to tackle various challenges. The strategic element of assembling a team that complements each other’s strengths adds an exciting layer to the gameplay, providing endless possibilities for unique playstyles.

In addition to the heroes, players will discover 25 adorable pets to accompany them on their adventures. These companions offer not only companionship but also valuable bonuses and enhancements to aid players during their quest.

Moreover, customization enthusiasts will delight in the extensive wardrobe of 170 hero costumes available in the game. Dress up your heroes to reflect your personal style and elevate your team’s aesthetics as you embark on thrilling quests.

A Trailer Teasing Adventure

To stoke the excitement among players and fans, Netmarble has unveiled a captivating trailer on YouTube that showcases the enthralling gameplay of “Seven Knights Idle Adventure.” The trailer boasts stunning visuals, showcasing the diverse heroes and their abilities in action-packed scenes. It also provides a glimpse of the unique pets and beautifully designed hero costumes that await players in the game. The trailer leaves viewers craving for more, eagerly anticipating the chance to embark on their own heroic journey.

a poster of 7 Knights Idle Adventure

Early Access and Community Engagement

As part of Netmarble’s commitment to player satisfaction and experience, “Seven Knights Idle Adventure” has launched in Early Access. This phase allows players to dive into the game, provide valuable feedback, and influence its further development. By listening to their player base, Netmarble aims to refine and optimize the game to ensure it delivers an unparalleled gaming experience upon the official launch.

During Early Access, players have the opportunity to connect with fellow gamers, strategize together, and share their experiences on social media platforms and gaming communities. Netmarble actively encourages this engagement, fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie among players.


“Seven Knights Idle Adventure” is a testament to Netmarble’s dedication to delivering innovative and captivating gaming experiences. As the successor to the beloved Seven Knights franchise, this idle RPG is designed for mobile platforms, offering a thrilling adventure on the go. With an extensive roster of over 130 Seven Knights heroes, 25 pets, and 170 hero costumes, players have all the tools they need to craft unique and powerful squads. The recently released trailer on YouTube adds to the excitement, giving a taste of the action-packed and visually stunning gameplay.

As players immerse themselves in the enchanting world of “Seven Knights Idle Adventure,” they have the chance to influence the game’s development during Early Access, strengthening the bond within the gaming community. With Netmarble’s commitment to continuous improvement and player engagement, “Seven Knights Idle Adventure” is sure to solidify its place as a beloved title in the mobile gaming realm. So, gear up for an extraordinary journey of heroism, companionship, and thrilling adventures in this remarkable new mobile entertainment by Netmarble.

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