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At Phoenix, we understand that integrating Visual Arts into daily life improves people’s quality of life, strengthens society, and fosters the creative spirit of individuals.

Phoenix animation is a concept-driven motion picture production firm that has made significant visual arts for prestigious brands and governmental organizations for over 20 years.

Types Of Visual Arts 

  • Printmaking
  • Fashion Design
  • Film production 
  • Advertising 
  • Painting
  • Design
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Photography
Praising Gamboo, as the humor character of the "3Little Kungpoo Goats"
Ice cave of penguins -City of wishes Visual Arts
Ice cave of penguins -City of wishes Visual Arts
Ice cave of penguins -City of wishes Visual Arts
The giant snake cave

Visual Art Elements 

The seven fundamental components of visual art elements are shape, line, space, form, texture, value, and color. These foundational components of art help support the artist’s communication. The seven components make the work of art easier for us to comprehend.

  • SHAPE– A shape is a two-dimensional pattern surrounded by lines representing height and width. Shapes are employed to create an artificial and symbolic feeling. 
  • LINE– A line is a mark that moves between two points. Many various kinds of lines, such as actual, implied, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and contour lines, are used by artists. Each line’s meaning, curvature, length, thickness, and flexibility vary.
  • FORM–  A form is a physically manipulable, three-dimensional object. A form could be a cube, a cylinder, a sphere, or even something with sharp edges.
  • SPACE– Space is the separation between forms and things. The sections of the piece with a subject are referred to as positive space. Without a subject, a space is said to be negative. Spacing allows artists to produce a variety of effects.
  • TEXTURE– This is a term commonly used to describe the appearance of a surface. Textures can be “implied” or “actual.” True surface quality is primarily visible in three-dimensional objects, such as sculptures. Based on visual cues, implied surface quality describes how the eye interprets the texture.
  • COLOR– The spectrum of light broken down as it strikes a surface and is reflected into the eye is known as color.
  • VALUE– Value describes the amount of lightness that may be seen in an image. Contrast is used to show different values. It alludes to a painting’s lightest and darkest tones, with various shades of grey in between.

What Visual Arts Services Do We Provide?

  • Creative Development

Depending on the given briefs, we either work with creative agencies or directly with clients. We have a great deal of experience operating effectively in both situations, supporting the creation of original concepts, scripts, storyboards, animations, mood boards, shot lists, film scenarios, treatments, and mood films.

  • Production Services

Our team has extensive experience in production and is friendly and adaptable. We cover all types of film production, including live action, multi-location, multi camera, drone, face-to-camera, aerial, and underwater filming. 

Connecting the appropriate individuals with the appropriate skill sets is our responsibility in order to further the commercial or artistic success of our clients.

  • Post Production

All post-production tasks are carried out by both our internal post-production team and freelance professionals. These tasks include; visual effects and artistic CGI, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, tracking, and compositing. 

Other post production services may include, 2D or 3D, stop-motion, cutout, hand-drawn, voice-over, music composition, or any combination of those.

Why Choose Phoenix

Phoenix creates and produces top-notch 2D and 3D animated videos, virtual reality videos, interactive media, branded assets, brand entertainment, CSR, health and safety, events, among other pre and post-production services.

With more than 20 years of experience, you can be confident of nothing but quality visual art in Dubai. Contact us today for quotations and booking.

Frequently asked questions

If the user wants to use copyright-protected content in a way that isn’t “fair use,” they usually have to get permission first. They need permission from the owner of the service. Without permission, they would be breaking the law if there were any restrictions on the content.

Commercial filming means using motion pictures, videotaping, sound recording, or any other moving image or audio recording equipment to deliver a message.

The advertising copy must respect UAE political institutions, the UAE government, and their symbols. Islam and other heavenly faiths are not allowed to be offended by the work’s religious content. The information should uphold the UAE’s cultural ideals and values.

  • Paintings and literature
  • Poetry
  • Music and dance
  • Crafts
  • Awards

Although there are seven different types of fine arts, just three visual arts—painting, sculpture, and architecture—represent the fine visual arts.

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